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We want to remember the good times with family and friends who are no longer with us.

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--Brandon Daniels (Dec. 5, 2004)
Brandon was only 27 and died unexpectedly. Shocked our entire family. He was a good-looking, intelligent man who passed way too young.
--Miranda Denise McWain (DECEMBER 24, 2005)
--MSG George Morris
--Maureen Suggs (1965)

--Kim Thomas (2004)

--Ronnie Adams
--Duke Ballard
--U G Bowen
--Charles Dunn
--Donna Guess (2007)
--Karen Horton
--John Hudlow
--Diane Ireland
--Carolyn Kirby
--Ted Lively

--Joseph David Mays (July 12, 2012)
David served as the financial director/city manager of the city of East Ridge for many, many years.

--Raymond McDowell
--Nancy Newberry
--James Orrell (4/12/2013)

--Bill Bridges (April 1991)
--Sammy Clay (January 1998)
--Connie Crane (Jan 2007)
--Ed Crawford (April 2007)
--Glenda Graves (April 2007)
--Jimmy Hayward (Aug 1997)
--Tommy Layne
Made the ultimate sacrifice in Viet Nam. You are not forgotten.
--Diane Lowe (Sept 1976)
--Jerry Powderly (2013)
--Robert Reid (Sept 1993)
--Mike Scheni (Dec 2006)
--Fred Smith (May 1999)
--Pat Suggs (April 2005)
--Larry Wolfe (Feb 1974)

1962 or 1963
--Carolyn Clevenger (2010)
Carolyn Clevenger OBrien passed away Jan. 22, 2010. She was a former majorette at East Ridge.

--William (Bill) Curtiss (April 8, 2009)
I loved you for most of my life, Billy, and that love will not die with your passing. Bill served in Germany in the U.S. Army from 1966 until 1968.
--Daniel Edwards (2012)
A wonderful friend in high school and after school induced me to my best friend and future husband his brother rip Sherry Quinn Edwards
--Charles (Chuck) Fryk (?)
Chuck was a good friend starting in the 5th grade, untill graduating. He attended our tenth year reunion, that was the last time I saw him, he was living in Florida and we lost touch.
--Jim Hodges (2013)
What a great athlete he was!
--Larry James
Made the ultimate sacrifice in Viet Nam. You are not forgotten.
--Joyce McCalla (2004)
Joyce was married in 1963 to Jerry Johnson and had one daughter, Angie and grandson, Jacob. Her home and family was the center of her universe. She fought various health issues throughtout her adult life. She passed away in 2004 after a valiant battle with illness and is greatly missed by family and friends.
--Stanley Workman (1965)
Stanley was an Eagle Scout, loved nature,could swim like a fish, VERY Atheltic but hated P.E. H was a fantistic person, he passed away after battling cancer for close to three years

--Curtis Barry (11-02-2011)
Curtis was inducted into the Rock N Roll hall of fame in September of 2011. He served his country in the Vietnam war. He was my best friend for 65 years.
--Betty Bradshaw (4/3/94)
--Diane Coffey (2007)
--Terry Cooper (11/20/11)
--Gail Ellis (10/20/89)
--Robert Farmer (5/3/91)
--Terry Gamble (7-28-1998)
The class if '64 stayed his "family" his whole life. I miss you bro.
--Nancy Haynie
--Pat Hunt (8/15/74)
--Richard Huskey (4/21/12)
--Kenneth Irwin (12/16/71)
--Richard Julian
--Karen Kaiser (3/3/90)
--Gloria Keown
--Lamar Ledford (1/21/89)
--Tommy Matthews Matthews (5/13/70)
Died in Vietnam
--Bobby McLeroy
--Vic Odom (April 2001)
--Tommy Reed (7/5/80)
--Lawrence Rogers
--Bobby Jo Shannon (3/19/95)
--Barry Snow (7/27/11)
--Jimmy Swafford (9/17/10)
--Robert Weir (April 5, 2011)
--Stanley Workman (1965)
Stanley was an Eagle Scout, loved nature,could swim like a fish, VERY Atheltic but hated P.E. H was a fantistic person, he passed away after battling cancer for close to three years.

--Janice Carroll (Oct 8,2011)
you will be missed
--Charles Citty
--Gwen Cofer (2009)
--Gary Easley (1972)
Died so young, way before his time..rest in peace
--Al Harris
--Linda Kelley (2010)
--Steve King (2009)
--Jerry Moore (2006)
--Pat Pack
--Buddy Parker
--Paul Pierce (1977)
WE miss you!!
--Bill Porter
--Jerry Simmons
--Maureen Suggs
--Diane Tate (2005)
--Gary Whaley (2009)
--Lebron Workman

--Wade Broome
Made the ultimate sacrifice in Viet Nam. You are not forgotten.
--Susan Broome
--Patricia Byrd
--Peter Campbell (2009)
--Danny Clayton (2012)
--John Robert (Bobby) Cobb
--Bobby Cobb
--Tommy Collins (2010)
--Pam Davis
These are people who were reported as "deceased at the 40th reunion.
--Clyde (Butch) England (2012)
--Randy Evans ( approx 2009)
--Rick Ewing
--Gail Foy
--Frances Gaither
--Richard Eric Helms (oct 3 2011)
Richard was a co-founder of the Groovamint Lounge in Clarksville TN in 1967. He will be remembered for his quirky creative flair and loyal friendship over 45 years. Richard's passing leaves the last founder to "groove on" alone .
--Spence James
--Duaine Long (2013)
--Karen Manning
Not sure of the date she passed, but her, her husband and little boy all perished when their house caught fire.
--Susan Martin (Dec 2012)
--Butch Moss
--Cheryl Padgett
--Regina Patterson
--Andrea Porter (2013)
--Susan Pruett (July 20 2002)
--Cookie Rogers (2013)
She was such a cutie.
--Eddie Smith
Always had a smile for everyone
--Jim (Jimmy) Stamey
Band & Swing Band
--Kyle Tullis
--Johnny Weir
--W.C. (Woody) White (Feb. 27, 2011)
Woody was a great guy and he will be truly missed.RIP my friend.
--W. C. (Woody) White (Feb. 27, 2011)
--Gordon Wofford
--Peggy Yarbrough (2006)
She attended our 40th reunion and returned home to Florida where she died of cancer a few months later. She danced all night and had a great time.

--Roger Lattimer (2009 or 2010)

--Kenneth Bailey
--David Booth
--Glen Braly (2012)
--Brenda Britton
--Terry Butler
--Kent Cherry
--Jackie Faerber
--Kendall Frazier
--William Freeman (?1972?)
He was a great guy and is missed by his family.
--Sam Havron
--Lynn James (03/04/05)
Lynn was my sister and best friend. She was so successful in her years, I miss her everyday. Rest in Peace Lynn with my son Toby and our Daddy.
--Leslie Jolley
--Glen Ledford
--Steve Newman
--Weldon Osborne
--Sara (Sally) Sells (1987)
Sally wasn't very well known as she had been mostly home schooled, but some of you Economics students might remember her. She died in Ireland of a bleeding ulcer. We were friends for 25+ years and I still miss her.
--Butch Shahan
--Carol Smith
--Greg Whitman (6-4-92)
Greg passed away after battling Leukemia. He was a terrific person.
--Porter Williams

1967, summer grad
--Bruce Worley (1984)

--Steve Barnett
--Robert Bovell (2009)
Another victim of cancer.
--Terry Bowen
--Bobby Cantrell
--Allen Dutto
--Steve Fine
--Carol Frazier
--Bobby Goggins
--Raymond Goodfellow
--Raymond Goodfellow (2005)
Raymond was a great guy and accomplished a great deal with his life..He will be missed
--Gary Goodner (04/16/2009)
Gary was a witty and hard working guy. He is missed by his Erlanger family.
--Stanley May
--Maxie McFarland (2013)
--Linda McKenzie
--Steve Miller
--Marjorie Oathout (2004)
A wonderful lady who will always be remembered
--Steve (Sparky) Sherrill
--Jim Stout (2012)
--Roy Young

--Sonny Binkley
--Ann 'Bunny' Booker (December 2, 1967)
How tragic it was for you to lose your life on that awful December day. You never got to attend a Prom or walk across that stage to receive your diploma. But, you got to go to Heaven on your 16th Birthday. Your sweet smile and "Pioneer Spirit" will always be remembered.
--Ronald Boren (2012)
--Randy Flinn
--Cynthia Glasscock
--Leslie Heard
--Penny Kennedy (2010)
--Monty Kirk (Nov. 26, 1967)
God only knows if it was mechanical failure or a broken heart that caused your death that night. You died much too young.
--Paul G. Meyer (10 Apr 2012)
--Steve Morse (2010)
--Maurice Murdock (03/06/2006)
--Eddie Pruett (June 2010)
--Carolyn Rodman
--Steve Rudy (1990's ?)
Not sure the year but he was my best friend in school and we had many good times. He was in Law Enforcement most of his life.
--Bobby Smith (2004)
--Stanley E. Snyder (July 5, 2013)
Thanks for all the great memories as a student and teacher.
--Stanely Snyder (07-05-2013)
--Stan Snyder (2013)
A talented man. Music was his life.
--Byron A. Spruill (1993)

--Anthony Aven (2012)
--Richard Carden (4/12/2010)
--Eddie Cofer (2011)
--Ronald Dobbins (2010)
--Thomas Eady
--Michael Edwards
--Jimmy Gass
--Scott Gilstrap (Mid 1980's ?)
Always laughing and smiling; enjoyed having a good times with friends.
--Mike Griffith
--Gail Holderman
--Lynn Hughes (1995)
--Judy Ingram
--Monty Kirk
--Ginny Lykins
--Gary Maxwell
--Tom McKenzie (02/09)
--Michael E. Mitchell (1994)
He gave his life in noble sacrifice for his daughter.
--David Oglesby
--Dale Phillips
--Nancy Poston
--Jerry Smith
--Steve Smith
--Bill Sutton (2012)
--Beverly Totherow (1970)
--Lamar Trewhitt
--Tommy Waddell

--Greg Barner (1993)
--Brent King (2007)
--Becky Manning (2002)
We miss your warm smile. You are very much missed by your family and friends.
--Gary Moody (1974)
Killed saving a friend
--Randy Payne (1996)
--Roger Thompson (2010)

--David Bailey (2009)
--Jenny Byrd
--Cindy (Sue) Byrd
--Connie Clark (Sept. 6, 1975)
Connie got married in high school to her sweetheart, Lonnie. They were so much in love. She died three years after during an operation for a brain tumor. She was my best friend and I've missed her all these years.
--Terry Haggard (2010)
--Ruth Jolly (2010)
You are very much missed by your family and those to love you so much.
--Sharon Jones (2006)
--Randy Murdock (June 2, 2008)
--Mike Reed (1975)
i know for a fact that he is gone, because i walked him to the grave. grover chester, thanks.
--Steve Roper (1976)
--Robert Smiley (2009)
--Don Taylor (5/1/1979)
Don was killed in a car wreck.in 1979. My best friend, my big brother. Your never forgotten.
--Stanley Ward (1995)
--Nancy Webb
What a sweet lady and wonderful mother!.

--Mike Brown (2006)
--Susan Cubine (2012)
--Peggy Curtis (2011)
--Debbie Hawkins (2006)
--Dana Miller (5/23/2012)
--Sharon Williams (2011)
--Karen Williams (2008)

--Terry Crabtree
--Karen Helton (1973)
--Pamela Jones (10-16-2004)
--Glenda Logan (1974)
--Mark Rector (2008)

--Steve Smith (around 1973)
--Doug Wright (2001)
Brother to Sherry (Wright) Lee 1971 Grad

--Sherry R. Adams (May 8, 2009)
--Nicky Don Adkins Adkins (12-12-1996 )
Nicky ypur smile will forever be with us as your memory! Love MOM,Childern,Brothers,&Sisters
--Steve Akins
--Chris Calloway
--Cindy Crook (2008)
--Mary Fox (Not Known)
Mary Fox Callaway had a wonderful heart and always cared about everyone else.
--Rodney Griffith
--Robin Horner (2001)
--Terrie Hughie (1988)
--Tom Layne (?)
Tom died as a result of his diabetes.
--Jimmy Shadrick (8-2010)
--Shelia Stewart (1973)
--Bruce Tipton (1989)
Bruce died the wanted he would have wanted to die...on a motorcycle doing 100mph....Bruce was a crazy guy, both literally and figurtively, but he had a heart of gold and was a load of fun to be around. He was my oldest friend in the whole world and I still think about the big dummy all the time. I hope he's got a motorcycle wherever he is.....Im sure he'll be happy...
--Lee Witt (2007)

1975 (not a grad)
--Debbie Putnam (July 2007)
My eldest sister Debbie had dropped out in '72, to be married. Her only daughter Bridget did graduate as a Pioneer class of '95(?). She is greatly missed by all who knew her.

1975 (?)
--Alan Forte

--Terry Bass
--Philip Cronnon
--Jay Gamblin
--Michael Gardenhire (2002)
--Mark Green Green
We were best friends and I miss you buddy! Tony
--Lisa Hollingsworth (3/10/2008)
Lisa H. Jones
--Chris Jackson
--Michael Klausing
--Dennis Long
--Robert Quinn
--Mark Robertson
--Wayne Sivley
--Myra Spivey
--Barry Wise

--Nicky Adkins
Sadly missed
--Nancy Bradford (2009)
Much loved and deeply missed!
--Lisa Casteel (2000)
--Mitchell Coplon (2008)
--Danny Gardner
--Paul Muse (2002)
--Lana Rice (1993?)
--Jimmy Wilson (1998)
--Clay Womack

--Teresa Elege thompson (2006)
--Mark Knox
--Connie Marie Sims Moore (2009)
Connie came to East Ridge from Tennessee Temple High School. She was married to Dale Moore. She had remarried before she passed away and her last name was Johnson.
--Jack Thomas (2002)
--Cathy Vann (2008)
Cathy died from injuries received in a car wreck.

1978 graduate
--Jeff Wallace (1978)

--Tim Harris
--Bill Haskew (July 2011)
Always loved but never forgotten.
--Tracy Hixson (2008)
--Robert Lewis (10/05/2006)
--W.C. Mize (11-14-2005)
I miss ya daddy!
--Clayton Poythress
--Warren houston huey Shumacher (2/12/1984)
you are still loved and missed.
--James 'Mike' Smith (1/9/2013)
My beloved brother - you were my Hero! Enjoy your reunion with Andy, Mom & Dad. I love you more than words can say......until we meet again. Sis
--Stan Wagner (2008)
--Donny Warner

--Christopher Young (2003)

--Tommy Collins (08/03/1991)
--Carol Hicks (11/03/2007)
--Leo Lebos (2008)
--Leo Lebos III (October 24, 2008)
He was very loved and will greatly missed.
--Troy Moore (07/27/2012)
Troy passed away suddenly from a heart attack.
--Alan Roach (March 1997)
--Dennis Suits (early 80s)
--Stan Wagner (2001)
--Mary Ann Wheeler (1972)
Died from complications from Spinal Meningitis.

--Sheryl Henley (12/09/2007)
Taken suddenly from this life but definitely to a better one. Sheryl left behind 2 daughters, 1 granddaughter and a grandson. She is missed.
--Tammy Wimberly

--Terri Christol
--Neil Crownover
--Gina Curtis
--Mike Dickey
--Gina Franscisco
--Jeff Harris
--Greg Hudgins
--Lisa Meadows
--Gary Scroggins
--Dimita Wright

--Bobby Frye (1985)
A gifted artist a loving brother and an extremely loyal friend to his crew. Bobby had a short life but God still uses him in mighty ways. I miss you everyday. SR
--Anthony 'Tony' Johnson (2001)
"My little brother".. I miss you so much
--Kenny Bailey Oliver (12-21-06)
Kenny was a great guy. He is missed and loved by so many. He was taken from this life to early. I kept my promise to him not to put on life support. I miss my soulmate and think about him daily. His nick name was aint right. All that knew him will remember why. I love you Kenny.

--Doug Black (12/14/2005)
Doug had a kind soul & a warm heart. He will be missed by all that knew him.
--Jeff Wolfe (July 7, 1993)
Anybody that took taekwondo from Mr. Wolfe knew how wonderful of a person and instructor he was. I never knew that when I left class that Tuesday morning would be the last time I would ever see him.

--Don Winningham (1987)
Taken to soon.

--Michael David Dunn (Kinder) (1990)
Funny to all who knew him. Sadly taken to young in a tragic car accident. Missed by the Class of 1989!
--Bobbi Oliver (1994)
A wonderful person with a beautiful smile. Missed by all your fellow classmates.

--Chris Cagle (8/2006)
I heard alot of people come to this site. My bother Chris passed away 8/12/06.

--Steve Ballard
--Rodney Gram (2009)
u will be missed

--Stacy Edgemon (03/10/1998)

1992 or 1993
--Christopher Kelly Smith (2006)
He passed away unexpectedly. You will be missed Kelly your memories will live on...With love Kim

--Donald (Donnie) Edgemon (7/7/08)

--Brad Huskey (2000)
You were taken way too soon and you will be greatly missed!
--Melonie Johnston (2004)
Married name Melonie Leffew
--Dana Trammell
--Kevin Triponey (2006)

--Shawn Lewis (February 25, 2008)
Shawn David Lewis, 30, of Rossville, passed away Monday, Feb. 25, 2008, at a local hospital. A native of Chattanooga, he attended East Ridge High School and later graduated from Northwestern Technical College with an Associate's Degree in Web Design. Shawn was loved by his family. He loved and found joy in his girls, who called him "D.D."
--Kathryn South (3/30/1994)
Kathryn died in a car accident in her 10th grade year. She is missed very much and was a wonderful friend

--Rochelle Charles (2003)
We miss you!
--Nicole Dyer
--Jimmie Hwang
--Miranda McWain (2006)
We miss you Mindy
--April Tapley (November 2008)
She was always a friend to those she loved and she will be so sadly missed.

--DeeDee Daniels
Rest In Peace
--Ben Mounce
--Hristopher Young (2003)
--Christopher (chris) Young (2003)

--Jonathan Frazier (April 2008)
He died of sleep apnea. He was a great guy and will be missed.
--Chris Underwood
RIP You are Truly Missed!
--Bobby Weber (2004)
Bobby Weber died of unknown causes August 16, 2004 on his US Marine base in South Carolina. He was one of my good friends in high school and I think about him all the time. If you knew him you know he was an awesome guy and if you didn't know him you missed out. He is survived by his wife, Amber, his daughter Scarlett and his father Robert M. Weber Sr. "Reverse!"

--Angela Troupe (2004)
You are terribly missed & always remembered!

--Drew Ezell (2007)
We will miss you!

--Jessica Burkhart (june 23 2009)
Jessica was so young and still had so much life to live she was only 13 when her life was taken from her!!! you are so very missed and loved baby girl!! i love you my angel love momma

Class of 1987
--Scott Cantrell (November 12, 2007)
Scott was the best brother a girl could ever have!! Theresa Cantrell (former class of 1982 member)

class of 77
--Mike Wolfe (aug. 1976)

--Robert Burkhart (Jan 31 2007)
i miss you daddy!! i love you very much!! take care of jessica for me!!!

mid 80s?
--Troy Sivley (24 Sept 2009)
Troy was preceeded by his brother, Wayne, class of 1976.

--Elaine Bartlett
--Margie Baumgardener
--Louise Bolton
--Evelyn Cash
--Foister Cavis
--Bernice Clementson
--Henry Colston
--Eva Counts
--Foister Davis
--Bill Edwards
--Bill Elsea
--Everett Fields
--Danette Godbold (Dec. 25, 2011)
--Sammy Grissom
--Brenda Haddock
--Chet Hedgecoth
--Sarah Hunter
--Sharon James
--Jill Long
You were a great teacher and you will be missed
--Bobby McElroy
--Lawrence Miller
--Mary Helen Neal
--Mike Olinger
--Robert Panzer
--Dorothea Pfitzer
--Ernestine Pierson
--Fred Pruett
--John R. Rodman
--Mary Rodman
--Betty Rush
--Bill Senter
--Earl Shanks
--Sally Simpson
--Marianne Sizer
--Jean Stephens
--John Sttodard
--Edith Taylor
--M.C. Thompson
--Hazel Walker
--William Walton (08/05/2008)
--Donn Waters
--Thomas T. Wilson
--Freddie Yentsch

teacher/ coach
--Raymond James (01-31-91)
Coach was a great coach and an even better teacher of life lessons. If you got on his good side you were branded with a nickname, that for me, has stuck for life. I can't hardly go anywhere and not hear br-549. you are still missed.

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